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We are excited to introduce our new website, and insurance blog. At Bach Insurance Group, we work hard to keep our agents informed about new developments in the life insurance industry, and resources that can help our national agents present the best value insurance products to their clients. We welcome any comments from the public, as well as our contracted agents, to help create a productive dialogue about the importance of life insurance, as an essential financial planning tool.

Agents can access all forms and applications on our engines, and use a convenient one-stop website, to run competitive quotes on available carriers. We will also be providing information about life insurance, geared toward educating consumers, which our agents can use as articles they can share, in their own business social media channels. Navigating policy terms and conditions, or shopping for the right life insurance products can be confusing for consumers. Our goal is to make the process easier, by reporting on exciting new offerings by the leading A-Carriers in the United States, and we will also be providing integrity marketing tips for our agents, to help them connect consumers with value laden options, for life insurance, dental and health insurance, and investment shelter annuities.

The American life insurance industry now has over 1,200 active organizations, that support consumer and group insurance policies. Life insurance organizations, agents and IMO’s represent 26% of the GNP in the United States, and are regulated investors in capital markets, loans and securities, and corporate equities. As the insurance industry continues to change, and adjust to America’s aging population and retirement needs, the opportunity for growth as a qualified licensed insurance agent continues to expand. We are proud of the team of honest, family oriented and hardworking insurance agents, many of whom have worked with our agency for ten years or longer. Now, more than ever before, Americans need reliable life insurance professionals they can trust, to help them provide for family members, address sensitive issues like final expense planning, and to access affordable gap insurance policies for allied health insurance services.

We would like to thank our marketing team for helping us launch our new website, our agents for continuing their hard work, and the valued business and personal relationships we have built with America’s most prominent life insurance providers, as we grow together in the future.


Kevin Dale Reese – Director of Operations



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