How Old Should You Be to Get Life Insurance Coverage?

We would like to start a new dialogue with some straight facts about life insurance coverage. It’s true, that many Americans only start to consider the benefits of life insurance when they are over the age of fifty. But there are many reasons to start thinking about life insurance decades earlier, when it can offer the most benefit, at the lowest cost.

There are many factors that dictate the cost of your life insurance plan, and the older you get, the more prone we all are to health issues and chronic diseases that can significantly increase the monthly premium. Read more

Continuing Education Requirements for Life Insurance Agents

Did you know that every life insurance agent is required to undergo continuing education training on a bi-annual basis? The insurance industry is highly regulated, and requires that anyone who consults and assists in the sale of a financial product (life insurance, term insurance, health and annuities), is constantly educated on best practice, legal procedures and ethics training, to ensure that consumers can trust the recommendations provided. In fact, before a life insurance agent can sell you a policy, they must be an agent in good-standing with the insurer. Another way the industry works to protect consumers.
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Recommending Life Insurance Coverage: How Much Is Enough?

The insurance industry is becoming increasingly more automated, with some insurance providers encouraging consumers to use a website to find their ‘best rate’ and life insurance products. The convenience of browsing online rates comes at a cost however; insurers are going to recommend the products that a search engine selects based on data, but not on a personal interview and all the parameters that need to be considered.

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